14th Middle East Healthcare Insurance Conference kicks off in Oman

The 14th Middle East Healthcare Insurance Conference (2023) commenced in Muscat, Oman, for the fourth consecutive time, with the event’s opening day filled with discussions and insights. Hosted in collaboration with the Middle East Insurance Group, Oman’s Capital Market Authority (CMA) represented the nation at the conference. The inaugural ceremony was held under the patronage of Sultan Salim Al Habsi, Minister of Finance.

The conference, attracting a substantial number of regional and international participants, delved into key healthcare insurance topics. These included strategies to manage health insurance risks effectively and combat instances of fraud and misuse of health benefits. Such actions negatively impact the quality and cost of insurance and healthcare services.

The conference drew attendees from insurance companies and private healthcare institutions. The first day featured three significant sessions:

1. Dhamani (My Insurance) Project: Representatives from the Oman Medical Association, CMA, Ministry of Health, insurance companies, and reinsurance firms discussed the challenges and progress of the Dhamani project.

2. Developments in Regional Markets: This session explored the latest health insurance statistics in the Middle East region and experiences related to compulsory health insurance.

3. Management of Fraud Risks: The final session tackled fraud risks and discussed advanced fraud risk management systems, common fraud methods, and countermeasures.

On September 26, the conference will continue with discussions on various topics. These include the utilization of advanced pricing methodologies for underwriting health insurance, lessons from risk management experiences, sustainable financial resources for comprehensive health coverage, and the concept of comprehensive social commitment and responsible commercial enterprise in compulsory health insurance.

Other agenda items focus on challenges related to claims’ management, cost assessment in private health insurance, and innovation in health insurance. A dedicated session will explore how technology, artificial intelligence, and innovation can be harnessed to address fraud, abuse, and resource wastage in healthcare.