Adani stocks surge 14% ahead of Hindenburg verdict

In a remarkable display of market optimism, Adani Group stocks experienced a meteoric rise, surging up to 14% in anticipation of the impending Supreme Court verdict on Hindenburg.

In a compelling display of market dynamics, Adani Group stocks exhibited a robust surge in early trading on January 3, fueled by heightened anticipation of the Supreme Court’s impending judgment on fraud allegations outlined in the Hindenburg Research report.

Leading the charge was Adani Enterprises, witnessing a substantial jump of nearly 6%, setting a positive tone for the conglomerate. Simultaneously, Adani Ports achieved a noteworthy milestone by reaching its 52-week high at ₹1,117.10, marking a 4% increase on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). The surge extended across various subsidiaries, with Adani Energy Solutions experiencing an impressive uptick of over 14%, and Adani Power hitting its 5% upper circuit at ₹544.65. Adani Total Gas and Adani Green Energy mirrored the enthusiasm, posting gains of 10% and nearly 9%, respectively. Adani Wilmar was not far behind, recording a substantial rise of almost 7%.

The market buzz reverberated beyond the Adani conglomerate, with NDTV witnessing a surge of nearly 9%, and Ambuja Cements ascending about 2% to a fresh 52-week high at ₹541.45. ACC shares also climbed nearly 2%, showcasing the widespread impact of the prevailing market sentiment.

The focal point of this market fervour lies in the impending Supreme Court judgment on as many as four petitions seeking an investigation into fraud allegations against Adani Group companies, as raised by Hindenburg Research. The bench, comprising Chief Justice D Y Chandrachud and justices J B Pardiwala and Manoj Misra, is scheduled to deliver the verdict at 10:30 am. These petitions, reserved on November 24, 2023, allege that the Adani Group, perceived to have close ties with the Modi government, manipulated share prices, resulting in a sharp decline following the Hindenburg Research report.

This legal saga began unfolding in March 2023 when the Supreme Court directed the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) to investigate potential violations of securities law by the Adani Group in response to the Hindenburg report. In a parallel move, an expert committee, led by former top court judge Justice AM Sapre, was established to scrutinize the intricate details of the allegations.

The impact of these allegations on the Adani Group has been profound. Billionaire Gautam Adani experienced a staggering erosion of almost $60 billion in personal wealth last year following the Hindenburg Research report. Accusing his group of market manipulation and accounting fraud, the report triggered a significant stock market downturn, wiping out nearly $150 billion in market value at its lowest point. In response, the Adani Group vehemently rejected all allegations.

The legal battle has been marked by complexity and uncertainty, with investors closely monitoring every development. The Supreme Court’s directive to SEBI to investigate adds a layer of regulatory scrutiny to the proceedings. The establishment of an expert committee underscores the seriousness with which the allegations are being addressed.

Investor sentiment has been a rollercoaster, responding not only to the legal twists and turns but also to the broader implications for the Adani Group and its subsidiaries. The volatility in stock prices reflects the delicate balance between market confidence and the potential fallout from the legal proceedings.

The Adani Group’s standing on the global stage is also at stake. The international investment community is observing closely, and the outcome of the legal battle could have implications not only for the conglomerate but for perceptions of corporate governance in India.

The Adani Group’s journey through this tumultuous period will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on India’s business landscape. Investors, regulators, and the public alike are poised to witness the unfolding chapters of this high-stakes narrative, waiting to discern the implications for one of India’s most influential business conglomerates.