Air India Express faces crisis as 300 cabin crew call in sick, 70 flights cancelled

Amidst escalating tensions, Air India Express contends with a workforce crisis as 300 cabin crew members report sick, resulting in the cancellation of 70 flights. The airline rushes to address the issue, grappling with operational challenges and passenger inconvenience.

In a significant development, Air India Express has grappled with a substantial workforce challenge as up to 300 cabin crew members have called in sick, prompting the cancellation of more than 70 flights within the past 12 hours. The sudden wave of sick reports has left the airline scrambling to manage operations effectively.

Air India Express has swiftly responded to the situation by engaging with the affected cabin crew to ascertain the underlying reasons behind the mass sick reports. The airline is actively addressing the issue to alleviate the disruptions caused by the flight cancellations.

This latest development comes amidst ongoing tensions within the cabin crew ranks over alleged mismanagement issues at the airline. The heightened discontent among staff has been further compounded by the looming merger process involving AIX Connect and Air India Express.

Passengers are left grappling with uncertainty and inconvenience due to the abrupt cancellations, underscoring the broader implications of the workforce challenges facing the aviation industry. As Air India Express works to resolve the situation, industry observers closely monitor the unfolding events, recognizing the critical importance of maintaining operational stability and passenger satisfaction.