Amirsoy Ski Resort set to invest €40 million in expanding infrastructure: Report

Amirsoy ski resort is gearing up for a substantial €40 million investment in infrastructure projects, according to the resort’s General Director, Saidvali Saidkhodjayev, in an exclusive interview with

Initially designed to cater to 2,000 tourists daily during the ski season, Amirsoy experienced a remarkable surge in visitors last year, with 5,000 people flocking to its slopes. This winter season, an even more impressive daily influx of 10,000 visitors is anticipated.

Despite a hefty €130 million investment in the resort’s development, the existing infrastructure falls short of meeting the burgeoning demand. This spike in demand is primarily driven by foreign guests hailing from CIS countries, the UAE, South Korea and the USA.

In response, Amirsoy is charting an aggressive expansion strategy that includes extending slopes by several kilometers, introducing new cable cars and constructing freeride tracks. There is also a keen interest in linking cable cars with the neighboring Beldersay resort, a move deemed essential within the next five years, as per the resort’s leadership.

The estimated cost for these ambitious infrastructure projects falls within the range of €30 to €40 million. Additionally, Amirsoy is on the brink of completing the construction of 4-star and 5-star hotels, offering a combined total of 350 beds.

Under the banner of the Western Amirsoy project, a comprehensive array of amenities will be unveiled, including cable cars, ski lifts, a sprawling 16.8-kilometer ski slope and the addition of four restaurants with a seating capacity of 2,400, along with a multi-level parking facility boasting 500 spaces.

Looking ahead, Saidkhodjayev disclosed plans for the construction of a water park and an exhilarating 2-kilometer-long zipline, further enhancing the resort’s allure as a premier winter destination.