Ancient Shan Tuyết Tea Trees Revered in Traditional Festival

In the serene landscapes of Văn Chấn District, the heart of the northern province of Yên Bái, the ancient Shan Tuyết tea trees were honored in a vibrant and sacred festival. This annual event, deeply rooted in the customs of the Mông ethnic group in Suối Giàng Commune, unfolded with grace and reverence.

The festival commenced with a ceremonial procession, a vivid tapestry of the region’s finest agricultural offerings. Sticky rice, wine, poultry, flowers, fruits, tea, and incense, among other treasures, were tenderly presented. Amidst the ancient tea trees in Pang Cáng Village, an esteemed elder, steeped in Mông traditions and wisdom, stood as the ceremonial leader. With profound knowledge of the community’s customs, this revered figure represented the villagers, offering ritual sacrifices and expressing gratitude to the heavens and the earth for the abundant blessings bestowed upon their land.