Andhra Pradesh elections 2024: NDA surges, YSRCP faces uphill battle

Early trends favour the NDA alliance in Andhra Pradesh elections, posing a challenge to the ruling YSRCP. Exit polls predict a landslide victory for the NDA, signalling a potential political upheaval.

The state of Andhra Pradesh witnesses a fierce triangular contest in the Lok Sabha and Assembly elections, with the ruling YSRCP, the Congress-led INDIA coalition, and the BJP-led NDA alliance vying for supremacy. Early trends indicate a lead for the NDA alliance, helmed by Chandrababu Naidu, raising questions about the electoral fortunes of Jagan Mohan Reddy’s YSRCP.

Exit polls paint a compelling picture, predicting a landslide victory for the NDA alliance in the Andhra Pradesh Lok Sabha elections. Projections suggest a potential sweep of 19-25 out of 25 seats, with the TDP, a crucial ally, poised to make significant contributions. Conversely, the YSRCP is forecasted to secure a mere 8 seats, signalling a challenging road ahead for the incumbent party.

Similarly, the exit polls for the Andhra Pradesh Assembly elections align with the Lok Sabha projections, favouring the TDP-led NDA alliance. With estimates ranging from 111 to 135 seats, the alliance appears set to dominate the state assembly. In contrast, the YSRCP is expected to secure a modest 45-60 seats, with some polls even suggesting a landslide victory for the NDA, potentially claiming 161 out of 175 seats.