Anti-Israel protestors targeted NYC cancer hospital and shouted “shame” accusing it of “complicity in genocide”

The protesters, a vocal faction within the larger gathering, chanted “Shame!” directed at Memorial Sloan Kettering, accusing the hospital of “complicity in genocide.”

On Monday, thousands of anti-Israel protesters gathered in Manhattan to voice their demands for an immediate cease-fire in Gaza. The protests took a turn as certain groups targeted institutions, including a hospital for cancer patients, accusing it of “complicity in genocide.”

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center found itself at the centre of the controversy. Protesters surrounded the hospital, shouting slogans “Shame!” Patients on the Upper East Side received treatment while the demonstration took place, leading to a tense and emotionally charged atmosphere. As per the footage posted on social media, an organizer on a bullhorn outside the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center said, “Make sure they hear you. They’re in the window.” Meanwhile, someone from the crowd was beating a drum while the scores chanted “MSK shame on you, you support genocide too.”

The protesters, a vocal faction within the larger gathering, chanted “Shame!” directed at Memorial Sloan Kettering, accusing the hospital. The Cops said that a 16-year-old boy along with three people were arrested during the protest. One protestor was thrown to the pavement by multiple cops due to the tussle near Gracie Mansion, as other several protestors crowded the scene. Protestors also targeted Mt. Sinai Medical Center at 98th Street, during the march from Union Square to Grace Mansion, accusing it of supporting Zionism and genocide.

The police have to occlude the entrances of several buildings on the medical center campus, and compelling the patients and visitors to use a different door. On the other hand, the protestors were chanting, “Mount Sinai you can’t hide, you support genocide.” Through The Post, an 18-year-old anti-Israeli protestor said that the images of Gaza pulled her heartstrings and motivated her to call for a cease-fire even though she is not a Palestinian.

A few protestors climbed up to the top wall of Central Park at East 103rd Street and 5th Avenue and waved the flag of Palestine. They called Israel a “racist state” and accused them of genocide. Some cheered on the news that near the U.S. consulate in Iraq, Iran launched a ballistic missile attack. The leader of the protest also shouted, “Today we marched from Union Square to the United Nations and then we walked to Gracie Mansion where our coward mayor hid behind barricades.” To prove that they do not support genocide, the leader of the protest also motivated the protestors to enlist family and friends to join the rallies.

The protest, not confined to the hospital grounds, spilt into the streets of Manhattan as demonstrators also targeted a nearby Starbucks and a McDonald’s restaurant.