Anurag Thakur plays down ministerial speculations, lauds Hamirpur’s trust

“I am a party worker first” Thakur told reporters when questioned about his potential responsibilities in Himachal Pradesh.

Amidst swirling speculations about his potential inclusion in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s new Council of Ministers, outgoing Union Minister Anurag Thakur chose to play down the ministerial rumours and instead expressed gratitude to the people of Hamirpur for reposing their faith in him for the fifth consecutive term.

There had been doubts about his participation in the new government, with political pundits keenly observing his every move. However, the seasoned leader remained unfazed by the speculation, choosing to prioritize his role as a party worker and representative of his constituency.

“I am a party worker first,” Thakur told reporters when questioned about his potential responsibilities in Himachal Pradesh. Thakur’s statement underscored his commitment to serving the people of Hamirpur, a constituency that has repeatedly placed its trust in him. His remarks also highlighted the significance of grassroots connect and the importance of acknowledging the mandate bestowed upon him by the electorate.

Speculation was rife about Thakur’s potential inclusion in the new cabinet, with many anticipating his elevation to a prominent role. Political analysts suggest that Thakur’s absence could be a strategic move by the BJP leadership, potentially paving the way for him to take on greater responsibilities within the party organization or at the state level in Himachal Pradesh.

Regardless of the speculations, Thakur’s unwavering focus on his role as a party worker and his deep-rooted connection with his constituents have garnered admiration from both supporters and opponents alike.

As the new government settles into its stride, all eyes will be on the BJP’s strategy for Himachal Pradesh and the roles assigned to influential leaders like Anurag Thakur, whose contributions have been instrumental in shaping the party’s fortunes in the state.