Arrests made in Ministry of Electricity, Water, and Renewable Energy attendance tampering scandal

The Investigations Division of the Criminal Security Sector under the Ministry of Interior – General Administration of Criminal Investigation has carried out an operation resulting in the arrest of numerous employees affiliated with the Ministry of Electricity, Water, and Renewable Energy. These employees, who primarily work outdoors, stand accused of tampering with their attendance fingerprints.

A security source has revealed that these employees allegedly employed silicone fingerprints to manipulate their attendance and departure records. The scheme reportedly involved collaboration with both a foreign security staff member and a local employee, all for financial gain.

Investigating officers discovered the silicone fingerprints, which were purportedly used to forge the attendance system, in the possession of the aforementioned security and citizen employees. The seized evidence has been submitted to the General Department of Criminal Evidence for comparison with the genuine fingerprints of employees stationed at these sites.

As a result, several employees have been apprehended and detained in accordance with the Public Prosecution’s order, while efforts are ongoing to identify and locate other individuals involved, with the assistance of forensic experts.

The exposure of this fingerprint forgery scheme was initiated by a report filed by an employee at one of the external sites. The Ministry of Interior promptly responded, taking swift action to apprehend the suspects. The Ministry has clarified that no further actions have been taken as the investigation remains ongoing, overseen by the Public Prosecution.