Bahrain accuses Houthi fighters of drone attack killing soldiers

Bahrain’s military command has accused Houthi fighters from Yemen of launching a drone attack that resulted in the deaths of two Bahraini soldiers on the southern border of Saudi Arabia.

Several other Bahraini soldiers were wounded in the attack. The incident occurred despite a halt in military operations in Yemen, according to the Bahraini military statement. The island nation of Bahrain is a close ally of Saudi Arabia, which has been engaged in a prolonged conflict with Iran-aligned Houthi fighters in Yemen.

“This terrorist attack was carried out by the Houthis, who sent aircraft targeting the position of the Bahraini guards on the southern border of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia despite the halt of military operations between the warring sides in Yemen,” the Bahraini military statement said.

The Houthis have not yet acknowledged their involvement in the attack, and it remains uncertain how this incident will impact peace talks between the conflicting parties.