Bali welcomes 10th World Water Forum: Focusing on ‘Water for Shared Prosperity’

Bali hosts the 10th World Water Forum, themed ‘Water for Shared Prosperity.’ Delegates gather to tackle water challenges collaboratively. Climate change, water management, equity, sustainability, global cooperation in focus.

Under the overarching theme of “Water for Shared Prosperity,” the international gathering convened experts, policymakers, and stakeholders from across the globe to address pressing water-related challenges and chart a course towards sustainable solutions.

The opening ceremony, held on a balmy Monday morning, set the stage for a week-long exchange of ideas, innovations, and commitments aimed at harnessing the transformative power of water for the collective benefit of humanity. Against the backdrop of Bali’s natural beauty, delegates pledged to confront the multifaceted water crisis with urgency and resolve. The choice of theme, “Water for Shared Prosperity,” underscores the fundamental role of water as a catalyst for development, equity, and resilience.

Throughout the forum, participants will engage in a wide array of discussions, workshops, and exhibitions, exploring innovative approaches to water management, governance, and conservation. Topics ranging from climate change adaptation and disaster resilience to water security and sanitation will feature prominently on the agenda, reflecting the multifaceted nature of the water challenge. Indonesia, as the host country, takes pride in welcoming delegates from around the world to its shores, showcasing its commitment to advancing the global water agenda. With its rich cultural heritage and deep reverence for water, Bali provides a fitting backdrop for the forum, serving as a source of inspiration for collective action and solidarity.

The 10th World Water Forum places a strong emphasis on ensuring the participation of diverse voices, including youth, indigenous communities, and marginalized groups. Recognizing that solutions to the water crisis must be equitable and inclusive, the forum provides a platform for dialogue and collaboration across boundaries of geography, culture, and expertise.