Belarus accused of recruiting informants among Ukrainian residents amid rising tensions

Allegations have been made against Belarus that it used its borders to recruit informants among Ukrainians. As evidence of Minsk’s engagement in the conflict, the National Resistance Centre reports an increase in the number of Ukrainians calling for questioning.

There have been allegations that Belarus is actively looking for informants, and the country has come under fire for allegedly ramping up attempts to target Ukrainians living inside its borders. A significant rise in Ukrainians being called for interrogation in Belarus has been documented by the Ukraine National Resistance Centre, which is a division of Kyiv’s Special Operations Forces.

As to the organisation, the special services of Belarus have been rapidly searching among the Ukrainian community for informants, to enlist their cooperation. These acts, according to the National Resistance Centre, demonstrate the Minsk regime’s involvement in the ongoing war against Ukraine.

Although Belarus hasn’t declared war on Ukraine openly, it has been charged with supporting Moscow’s invasion of that country by transferring troops and weaponry from its territory. Tensions between the two adjacent nations have increased as a result of the situation.

Concerned about the growing number of Ukrainians being called for interrogations in Belarus, the National Resistance Centre—a major participant in keeping an eye on and addressing security threats in Ukraine—has voiced serious concerns. According to the organisation, these activities demonstrate that the Belarusian authorities are actively attempting to work with Ukrainian residents, possibly in the capacity of informants in the conflict.

Belarus’s assistance to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has drawn criticism from across the globe. According to reports, Belarus has made it easier for Russian soldiers and military hardware to cross its borders, which has made the already dire circumstances in the area even worse.