Bohai Oilfield achieves milestone with completion of 6,088-meter-deep well

China’s Bohai Oilfield has completed the drilling of a 6,088-meter-deep well, marking a significant step in the development of the Bozhong 19-6 Condensate Gas Field, the largest in the Bohai Sea with over 100 billion cubic meters of natural gas.

In a significant advancement for China’s offshore energy sector, the Bohai Oilfield, the country’s largest offshore crude oil production base, has completed the drilling of a new well reaching a depth of 6,088 meters. This milestone was announced by the Tianjin branch of the China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) on Tuesday.

The newly drilled well, named Bohai 19-6-D1, is intended to enhance oil and gas recovery from the Bozhong 19-6 Condensate Gas Field. This field is notably the first gas field in the Bohai Sea with proven reserves exceeding 100 billion cubic meters of natural gas, underscoring its importance for China’s energy security and economic development.

The Bozhong 19-6 Condensate Gas Field is strategically significant, as it represents a major step towards increasing China’s domestic production of natural gas and reducing reliance on imported energy. The vast reserves in this field are expected to play a crucial role in meeting the country’s growing energy demands and supporting its ongoing industrial expansion.

CNOOC’s Tianjin branch highlighted that the drilling of the Bohai 19-6-D1 well was completed with advanced technology and strict adherence to safety protocols. The well’s depth of 6,088 meters makes it one of the deepest drilled in the Bohai Sea, showcasing China’s technological capabilities in offshore drilling and resource extraction. The successful drilling of such a deep well demonstrates the growing proficiency and innovation in China’s offshore energy sector.

The Bohai Oilfield has been a cornerstone of China’s offshore oil and gas production. Its development has been instrumental in supporting the country’s energy infrastructure and bolstering its energy independence. The recent achievements in the Bozhong 19-6 field are expected to significantly boost the output of natural gas, thereby contributing to a more sustainable energy mix and reducing the environmental impact of energy production.