Cabinet of Kyrgyzstan engages in dialogue with KOICA on progress of bilateral projects

The Kyrgyz Cabinet holds discussions with the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) to review the status of ongoing bilateral projects in Kyrgyzstan.

In a constructive meeting, First Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers, Adylbek Kasymaliev, sat down with Yi Jongsu, the Country Director of the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), to delve into the progress of bilateral projects in Kyrgyzstan. The discussions aimed to explore avenues for bolstering cooperation and enhancing the impact of ongoing collaborative initiatives.

Adylbek Kasymaliev acknowledged KOICA’s substantial contributions to various sectors, highlighting its role in driving digitalization within government processes, fostering agricultural development, and strengthening the fire and rescue service. Additionally, KOICA has played a pivotal role in providing in-service training for public servants in the Kyrgyz Republic, underscoring the agency’s multifaceted involvement in the nation’s development.

Yi Jongsu, in turn, presented an overview of the current bilateral projects, providing insights into their status and impact. He expressed KOICA’s unwavering commitment to further expanding cooperation across all spheres of mutual interest. This commitment reflects a shared vision for comprehensive collaboration that transcends specific sectors, emphasizing the agency’s dedication to contributing to Kyrgyzstan’s overarching development goals.

The meeting highlighted the tangible outcomes of KOICA’s engagement, particularly in the realms of digital transformation, agricultural advancement, and capacity building for public servants. The emphasis on digitalization aligns with the global trend towards modernizing government processes for enhanced efficiency and accessibility.

Furthermore, KOICA’s role in providing in-service training for public servants reflects a dedication to capacity-building initiatives, empowering the workforce with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate evolving challenges.

As the discussions pivot towards future collaboration, the expressed readiness for further expansion of cooperation signals a dynamic and evolving partnership between Kyrgyzstan and KOICA. The mutual interest in broadening the scope of collaboration beyond existing projects speaks to a shared commitment to addressing emerging challenges and exploring new opportunities for growth and development.

The meeting between Adylbek Kasymaliev and Yi Jongsu signifies a meaningful exchange focused on the tangible impact of ongoing projects and the strategic vision for future collaboration. KOICA’s multifaceted contributions underscore the agency’s role as a valuable partner in Kyrgyzstan’s journey towards sustainable development and resilience.