Cambodia and Cuba restate the value of medical cooperation and laud bilateral relations

“Cambodia and Cuba are similar because women have stood strong, courageously collaborating with men in all sectors. Because adversity has made women strong”, says the National Assembly (NA) President of Cambodia, Khuon Sudary.

In a display of strengthened diplomatic ties, Cambodia and Cuba have lauded their bilateral relationship, distinctly emphasizing their collaborative efforts in the field of medical cooperation. The recent discussions highlighted Cuba’s commitment to supporting the development of Cambodia through various initiatives that include scholarships and medical training.

Sudary, the first woman to serve as the NA president in the kingdom, conveyed that during her diplomatic assignment in Cambodia, she had actively engaged in various social, political, and women’s initiatives. She highlighted the resemblance between Cambodia and Cuba, emphasizing the strength and courageous collaboration of women with men across all sectors in both countries. She pointed out that adversity has played a role in fortifying the strength of women.

Cambodia and Cuba, both sides underlined the importance of the strong historical bond. On January 10, Liurka Rodriguez Barrios paid a visit to the National Assembly (NA) President of Cambodia, Khuon Sudary, and Minister of Health Chheang Ra. Ambassador Liurka asserted Cuba’s commitment to carry on its cooperation with the Ministry of Health, noticeably through scholarships for general practitioners and the exchange of pharmacology expertise.

The NA President of Cambodia, Khuon Sudary praised the achievements of Ambassador Liurka during her mission, marking that she has built up excellent relations and cooperation between Cambodia and Cuba, according to a statement by NA.

Sudary further mentioned that women Members of Parliament play a crucial role in the establishment of peace and the promotion of sustainable development, inclusivity, and resilience. The NA President of Cambodia praised the Cuban NA. The reason behind this is more than 53 per cent of members in Cuban NA are women. After Rwanda’s parliament, Cuban NA becomes the second in the world to have more number of women members.

The ambassador also met with the health minister of Cambodia Chheang Ra. During this meeting, the health minister underscored the contributions of Cuba to the upliftment of Cambodia’s health sector. Chheang Ra stated that volunteers from Cuba have conducted training sessions for Cambodian doctors and medical students, in addition to offering scholarships for human resource development.

Cambodia’s Health Minister, Ra, announced that the health ministry is collaborating with the Cuban embassy to arrange a training program for oncologists at Long Mer Hospital. Ambassador Liurka mentioned that at the request of Cambodia, cancer and diabetes specialists will be sent by Cuba to provide training in the hospitals of Cambodia.