Cần Giờ’s Bird’s Nest: A potential global sensation awaits branding

Experts have highlighted the need for coordinated efforts among government departments, production entities, and e-commerce platforms to elevate the brand value of Cần Giờ’s agricultural specialties. Over the past decade, Cần Giờ has become renowned for its high-quality bird’s nest products, boasting superior quality compared to similar offerings from other regions. The district houses 459 bird-raising establishments, producing an estimated 14.96 tonnes of nests annually, valued at approximately VNĐ250 billion.

Cần Giờ’s diverse agricultural portfolio includes shrimp, oysters, cockles, clams, pineapple fish, bird nests, mango, and salt, amounting to over 140,000 tonnes per year. Notably, Cần Giờ’s mangoes, bird nests, and pineapple fish have secured trademark registration certificates, with oysters and nipa palm syrup soon to follow suit.

With 18 OCOP-certified products, including 12 four-star items and six three-star products, Cần Giờ is preparing documents for an additional 20 products, including various bird nest products, dried seafood items, and tourism offerings. To propel Cần Giờ’s products onto international platforms, authorities are working on swiftlet-raising establishment codes to facilitate bird nest exports.

Collaborative efforts between HCM City’s Department of Industry and Trade, Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, and e-commerce giant Tiki are underway to promote Cần Giờ’s products through the One Commune One Product program. To further enhance Cần Giờ’s bird nest brand, a closed production process, supply chain control, and quality standardization are essential. The global bird’s nest market, valued at over $8 billion, presents a significant opportunity, with Vietnamese bird nests recognized for their exceptional quality and higher pricing in comparison to similar products from other nations. With Cần Giờ’s impressive offerings, the district’s bird’s nest products are poised to emerge as a strong brand representing both the city and Vietnam on the global stage.