Ceasefire negotiations progress as Hamas delegation engages in Cairo talks

Hamas delegation headed to Cairo for ceasefire talks amid threats of Israeli military action in Rafah if no deal is reached.

On Friday, a senior Hamas official stated that a delegation from the group will travel to Cairo on May 4 for negotiations aimed at securing a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip. The official mentioned that upon their arrival, the Hamas delegation will provide a written response to Israel’s latest proposals concerning a potential ceasefire in Gaza as well as the release of detainees. This information was verified by various Egyptian government sources, who also indicated that the Egyptian side would meet with Hamas representatives to discuss the latest developments in the ceasefire negotiations.

Providing an update on the ceasefire negotiations, Hamas officials issued a statement saying they had recently examined the proposed negotiated agreement and are committed to reaching an accord that would benefit Palestinians. Local media reports portrayed this as demonstrating Hamas’s “positive spirit” towards the ongoing negotiations.

However, the situation remains tense as the Wall Street Journal reported, citing an Egyptian official, that Israel has given Hamas a week’s deadline to accept the ceasefire proposal. Failure to do so could prompt Israel to begin a military operation in Rafah.

Adding to the uncertainty, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated earlier this week that a ground offensive in Rafah will proceed regardless of any potential truce deal with Hamas.

As the Hamas delegation prepares to travel to Cairo on May 4 to provide a written response to Israel’s proposals on a ceasefire and detainee releases, the high-stakes negotiations continue against the backdrop of threats of further military action from the Israeli side.