China and Arab States explore future-oriented security cooperation at Beijing seminar

A “Future-oriented China-Arab Security Cooperation” seminar was held in Beijing, gathering senior military officers from China and the Arab States. The event, organised by the PLA National Defence University, aimed to bolster strategic and defence collaboration.

Under the theme “Future-oriented China-Arab Security Cooperation,” a seminar for senior military officers from China and the Arab States was convened on Tuesday in Beijing. Hosted by the Chinese Defence Ministry and organised by the People’s Liberation Army’s (PLA) National Defence University, the event brought together top military officials to discuss and enhance bilateral security cooperation.

The seminar, reported by PLA Daily, is part of a broader initiative to strengthen ties between China and Arab countries, focusing on mutual security concerns and strategic partnerships. The forum aimed to foster a deeper understanding of the security dynamics in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, and to explore opportunities for collaboration in defence and security.

During the seminar, officials from both China and the Arab States highlighted the importance of building a robust security framework that can address contemporary challenges such as terrorism, regional instability, and cyber threats. The discussions emphasised the need for a collaborative approach to security that is rooted in mutual respect, shared interests, and a commitment to peace and stability.

China’s Deputy Defence Minister, who delivered the keynote address, underscored the significance of China-Arab relations in the context of global security. He stressed that enhancing security cooperation is crucial for safeguarding national interests and promoting regional stability. The Deputy Minister also highlighted China’s ongoing commitment to peacekeeping missions and humanitarian assistance in the Arab world, demonstrating China’s role as a responsible global actor.

Arab military representatives, in turn, expressed appreciation for China’s support and emphasised the value of learning from China’s experience in areas such as counter-terrorism, military modernisation, and cyber defence. They discussed the importance of technology transfer, joint military exercises, and intelligence sharing as key components of the future security cooperation framework.

One of the central themes of the seminar was the role of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in enhancing security cooperation. Participants noted that the BRI provides a platform for building stronger economic and security ties, which can help address some of the underlying causes of instability in the region. The seminar explored ways in which the BRI can be leveraged to support infrastructure development, improve border security, and facilitate economic growth, thereby contributing to long-term peace and stability.

The event concluded with a call for continued dialogue and cooperation between China and Arab countries. It was agreed that future seminars and joint training programmes would be beneficial in fostering a deeper strategic partnership and addressing emerging security threats.