China and Ukraine hold bilateral consultation on Ukraine crisis and regional issues

Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Sun Weidong and Ukraine’s First Deputy Foreign Minister Andrii Sybiha met in Beijing to discuss the Ukraine crisis and regional issues, emphasizing mutual respect and long-term interests.

Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Sun Weidong and Ukraine’s First Deputy Foreign Minister Andrii Sybiha recently engaged in a bilateral consultation between the ministries of foreign affairs of China and Ukraine in Beijing.

This meeting, held on Wednesday, saw the exchange of views on various pressing matters, including the Ukraine crisis, as well as international and regional issues of mutual concern.

During the consultation, Vice Foreign Minister Sun emphasised the longstanding and steadily developing relationship between China and Ukraine, spanning over three decades since the establishment of diplomatic ties.  Sun also highlighted the importance of upholding the fine tradition of mutual respect and sincere treatment in bilateral relations, while emphasising the need to always prioritise the fundamental and long-term interests of both peoples.

The bilateral consultation between China and Ukraine comes at a critical juncture, with the Ukraine crisis remaining a significant concern for the international community. Against the backdrop of ongoing geopolitical tensions, discussions between the two nations hold particular significance in addressing the complexities of the situation and exploring potential avenues for resolution.

China’s participation in the dialogue underscores its role as a key stakeholder in regional affairs and its commitment to fostering diplomatic solutions to global challenges. By engaging in constructive dialogue with Ukraine, China aims to contribute to efforts aimed at promoting stability, peace, and cooperation in the region.

The consultation also serves as a platform for both countries to exchange perspectives on broader international and regional issues. As major players on the global stage, China and Ukraine have a shared interest in addressing various challenges, ranging from economic cooperation to security concerns, within the context of evolving geopolitical dynamics.

China and Ukraine must continue their dialogue and cooperation, leveraging their respective strengths to address common challenges and seize opportunities for mutual benefit. By maintaining open channels of communication and fostering a spirit of cooperation, both nations can contribute to the advancement of peace, stability, and prosperity in the region and beyond.