China condemns military ties and arms sales to Taiwan as ‘provocative’

China vehemently opposes any military contact or arms sales to Taiwan by countries with which it has diplomatic ties, deeming such actions as provocations aimed at inciting conflict.

China has issued a strong condemnation of any military engagement or arms sales to Taiwan by countries that maintain diplomatic relations with Beijing. A spokesperson from the State Council’s Taiwan Affairs Office emphasised that China views such actions as provocations designed to escalate tensions and bring conflict to the region.

The spokesperson, speaking on Tuesday, made it clear that China considers any form of military support to Taiwan, whether it is labelled as “arms sales,” “military aid,” or any other term, as having malicious intent. “These actions are not merely unfriendly; they are deeply provocative and threaten the peace and stability of the Taiwan Strait,” the spokesperson stated .

This statement comes in the wake of recent developments where several countries have been reported to increase their military support to Taiwan, including the United States. The U.S., in particular, has been a significant supplier of arms to Taiwan, which Beijing has repeatedly denounced as a violation of the One-China policy—a policy that most countries adhere to, recognising Beijing as the sole legal government of China while diplomatically sidelining Taiwan .

China’s opposition to military ties with Taiwan is rooted in its view of the island as an inseparable part of its territory. Despite Taiwan’s self-governing status and its own democratic political system, China has long maintained that Taiwan must eventually be reunified with the mainland, by force if necessary. Any foreign military support for Taiwan is seen by Beijing as an undermining of this goal and a direct challenge to its sovereignty.

The Chinese government has expressed particular concern over recent moves by the United States to enhance Taiwan’s defence capabilities. In 2023, the U.S. approved a series of arms sales to Taiwan, including advanced missile systems and surveillance equipment, which China views as an escalation. Chinese officials argue that these actions embolden pro-independence elements within Taiwan and increase the risk of military conflict in the region .

Beijing has also warned that countries engaging in military cooperation with Taiwan will face serious consequences. The spokesperson underscored that China will take “all necessary measures” to defend its territorial integrity and prevent any attempts at secession by Taiwan. This includes ramping up military patrols and exercises in the Taiwan Strait, aimed at demonstrating China’s resolve and readiness to counter any perceived threats.