China extends support to Zambia’s debt restructuring, calls for international collaboration in African development

The Chinese Foreign Ministry congratulated Zambia on its debt restructuring progress, affirming continued support. China urges global collaboration to aid African nations like Zambia in achieving economic and social development goals.

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, Mao Ning, extended congratulations to Zambia on achieving significant progress in debt restructuring during a press briefing on Friday. Mao emphasized China’s unwavering commitment to supporting Zambia as a good friend and partner, highlighting ongoing efforts to facilitate debt disposal and promote economic development in the African nation.

The acknowledgement of Zambia’s progress in debt restructuring underscores China’s proactive engagement in addressing the debt challenges facing African countries. As one of Zambia’s key partners, China has consistently prioritized the country’s concerns over the debt issue, demonstrating a commitment to fostering mutual prosperity and sustainable development.

Mao reaffirmed China’s pledge to continue coordinating and cooperating with all stakeholders involved in Zambia’s debt restructuring efforts. This commitment reflects China’s stance as a responsible global actor, willing to play a constructive role in alleviating debt burdens and promoting financial stability in developing countries.

Moreover, Mao’s call for the international community to join China in supporting African countries, including Zambia, highlights the importance of collective action in addressing the complex challenges of debt sustainability and economic development. By rallying global support and solidarity, China seeks to amplify efforts aimed at achieving better economic and social outcomes across the African continent.

China’s involvement in Zambia’s debt restructuring aligns with broader efforts to enhance South-South cooperation and promote win-win partnerships. Through initiatives such as the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) and the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), China has emerged as a key partner for African nations seeking to unlock their development potential and overcome financial hurdles.