China, Japan, and South Korea unite to declare 2025-2026 as Cultural Exchange Years

China, Japan, and South Korea unite to designate 2025-2026 as Cultural Exchange Years, fostering deeper ties through cross-cultural dialogue.

In a historic move aimed at fostering deeper cultural ties and mutual understanding, China, Japan, and South Korea have jointly declared the years 2025 and 2026 as the China-Japan-South Korea Cultural Exchange Year. The groundbreaking agreement was reached during the ninth Trilateral Summit Meeting among the three nations, signalling a significant step forward in regional cooperation and cultural diplomacy.

The designation of 2025 and 2026 as Cultural Exchange Years underscores the shared commitment of China, Japan, and South Korea to promote cross-cultural dialogue, artistic exchange, and cultural collaboration. By dedicating two consecutive years to cultural exchange initiatives, the three nations aim to strengthen people-to-people connections, celebrate cultural diversity, and build bridges of friendship and cooperation across borders.

The decision to designate 2025 and 2026 as Cultural Exchange Years reflects the longstanding commitment of China, Japan, and South Korea to enhancing regional cooperation and promoting peace and stability in East Asia. By harnessing the power of cultural diplomacy, the three nations seek to deepen mutual understanding, foster trust and lay the foundation for sustainable and inclusive growth in the region.

Furthermore, the Cultural Exchange Years present a unique opportunity to address shared challenges and explore innovative solutions to pressing global issues. By leveraging the creative potential of the arts and culture, China, Japan, and South Korea can promote dialogue, tolerance, and respect for diversity, thereby contributing to the building of a more harmonious and interconnected world.

The announcement of the Cultural Exchange Years has been met with enthusiasm and optimism from leaders, artists, scholars, and citizens across China, Japan, and South Korea. As preparations for the upcoming cultural events get underway, anticipation is running high for a transformative celebration of the rich cultural heritage and shared values that bind the three nations together.