China urges Israel to halt attacks on Gaza’s Rafah

China strongly urges Israel to halt attacks on Gaza’s Rafah, emphasizing the need to prioritize humanitarian concerns. The deployment of Israeli ground troops has drawn condemnation from China, heightening tensions in the region.

China has issued a stern call for Israel to halt its attacks on Gaza’s Rafah, urging the nation to heed the international community’s demands for an immediate cessation of hostilities. The plea comes amidst escalating tensions in the region, with Israel launching airstrikes on Rafah overnight in a bid to exert pressure on Hamas ahead of upcoming talks in Egypt aimed at brokering a truce.

Following Israel’s call for Palestinians in eastern Rafah to evacuate to an expanded humanitarian area, reports from the ground indicate heavy bombardment throughout the night. According to the Kuwaiti hospital in the area, the toll from the Israeli strikes stands at 11 people killed and dozens more injured.

In response to the escalating situation, Israel’s military has confirmed the deployment of ground troops in eastern Rafah. The move has drawn condemnation from China, with Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lin Jian expressing grave concern over Israel’s planned ground military operation.

The statement underscores China’s stance on the need to prioritize humanitarian considerations and avoid further escalation of the conflict, which threatens to exacerbate the already dire humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip. China’s call for restraint echoes similar appeals from the international community, urging both parties to engage in dialogue and work towards a peaceful resolution.

As tensions continue to mount in the region, the situation remains fluid, with the fate of Gaza’s Rafah hanging in the balance amidst ongoing military manoeuvres and diplomatic efforts to broker a ceasefire.