China urges restraint amid rising tensions in Gaza

China has called for immediate restraint from all parties involved in the Gaza conflict, urging Israel to cease military operations and avoid escalating tensions that could lead to a larger catastrophe in the Middle East.

In a fervent plea to the international community, China has called on all parties involved in the Gaza conflict to exercise maximum restraint to avoid escalating tensions that could potentially drag the entire Middle East into a catastrophic situation. During the United Nations Security Council briefing on the Palestinian-Israeli issue, held on Tuesday, Fu Cong, China’s permanent representative to the UN, emphasised the urgent need for de-escalation and the immediate cessation of hostilities.

China has been vocal about the escalating violence in Gaza, urging Israel to heed the overwhelming calls from the global community to halt its military operations. The collective punishment of people in Gaza, according to Fu Cong, is not only counterproductive but also deepens the humanitarian crisis in the region. Fu’s remarks come at a time when the conflict has reached a critical juncture, with significant international concern over the deteriorating situation and the potential for further instability.

“China urges Israel to immediately cease its military actions in Gaza and to stop the collective punishment of the people living there,” Fu stated. He underscored the importance of dialogue and negotiation, calling on both sides to prioritize peace and avoid actions that would exacerbate the conflict. Fu also highlighted that continued violence would only lead to more suffering and hinder efforts towards a peaceful resolution.

The Chinese representative’s statements align with Beijing’s broader foreign policy stance, which advocates for diplomatic solutions and multilateral engagement to resolve conflicts. China has consistently supported the two-state solution as the viable path to peace in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, urging both parties to resume meaningful negotiations.

China’s call for restraint is also a reflection of its concern over the potential for the conflict to spill over into neighbouring regions, thereby destabilizing the broader Middle East. The situation in Gaza remains a focal point of international diplomacy, with many countries echoing China’s sentiment for immediate de-escalation and humanitarian relief.