Chinese Premier Li Qiang emphasizes commitment to expanding market and supporting foreign enterprises

Chinese Premier Li Qiang announced China’s commitment to broadening market access and fostering a supportive business environment for foreign enterprises, emphasizing ongoing high-level openness and opportunities for greater development within the Chinese market.

On Saturday, Chinese Premier Li Qiang made a significant statement highlighting China’s unwavering commitment to expanding its market and fostering a supportive environment for foreign enterprises. Speaking at a major economic forum, Li emphasized that China, with its immense market potential, is dedicated to maintaining high-level openness and ensuring that foreign businesses can achieve better and greater development within the country.

Premier Li underscored that China’s market potential remains vast and continues to grow. With over 1.4 billion people and a rapidly expanding middle class, China represents one of the largest consumer markets in the world. This vast market provides numerous opportunities for foreign enterprises seeking to expand their operations and tap into new customer bases. By leveraging this potential, China aims to attract more international businesses and investments, further boosting its economic growth.

Li’s comments come amid a backdrop of global economic uncertainty and trade tensions, where many countries are reevaluating their trade and investment strategies. China’s stance on maintaining a high level of openness contrasts with protectionist trends observed in some other parts of the world. By emphasizing openness and market expansion, Li seeks to position China as a favorable destination for foreign investment, reinforcing the country’s role as a key player in the global economy.

In his address, Premier Li reiterated China’s commitment to creating a first-class business environment. He outlined several initiatives aimed at improving the ease of doing business in China, including streamlining administrative processes, enhancing legal protections for foreign companies, and reducing bureaucratic hurdles. These measures are designed to make it easier for foreign enterprises to establish and operate businesses in China, ensuring they can compete on a level playing field and achieve sustained growth.

Li also highlighted the importance of innovation and technological development as critical factors for economic progress. He assured that foreign companies engaged in research and development, particularly in high-tech industries, would receive strong support from the Chinese government. By encouraging innovation, China aims to create a more dynamic and competitive business landscape that benefits both domestic and international firms.

Furthermore, Premier Li emphasized that China would continue to uphold and improve the rule of law to protect the interests of foreign enterprises. Ensuring fair treatment and legal certainty for foreign businesses is a priority, as it fosters a stable and predictable business environment. This commitment to the rule of law is intended to build trust and confidence among international investors, encouraging more foreign enterprises to participate in the Chinese market.