Chinese Premier Li Qiang meets Peruvian President Boluarte to strengthen bilateral ties

Chinese Premier Li Qiang and Peruvian President Dina Ercilia Boluarte Zegarra met in Beijing, reaffirming their commitment to strengthening bilateral relations and expanding cooperation in trade, investment, and cultural exchanges.

Chinese Premier Li Qiang held a pivotal meeting with Peruvian President Dina Ercilia Boluarte Zegarra in Beijing on Friday, aimed at bolstering the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Peru. The meeting underscores the importance of deepening bilateral relations and expanding cooperation across various sectors.

During the talks, Premier Li Qiang and President Boluarte reaffirmed their commitment to enhancing the longstanding friendship and cooperative ties between the two countries. They discussed a wide range of topics, including trade, investment, infrastructure development, and cultural exchanges, with both leaders expressing optimism about the future of Sino-Peruvian relations.

Premier Li Qiang emphasized the historical significance of China-Peru relations, noting that the two countries have enjoyed over 50 years of diplomatic ties marked by mutual respect and fruitful collaboration. He highlighted that China views Peru as an important partner in Latin America and is committed to advancing cooperation in a manner that benefits both nations.

One of the key areas of discussion was trade and economic cooperation. Peru is a major exporter of minerals and agricultural products, and China is one of its largest trading partners. Premier Li Qiang proposed new initiatives to expand trade volumes and enhance the balance of trade between the two countries. He suggested leveraging China’s Belt and Road Initiative to improve infrastructure connectivity and facilitate greater economic integration.

President Boluarte expressed her gratitude for China’s support in various development projects in Peru, including investments in infrastructure, energy, and technology. She highlighted the potential for further collaboration in sectors such as mining, agriculture, and tourism. Boluarte also invited Chinese enterprises to invest in Peru, particularly in projects that align with sustainable development and environmental protection.

The two leaders also discussed strengthening cultural and educational exchanges to foster greater mutual understanding and people-to-people connectivity. Premier Li Qiang proposed increasing the number of scholarships for Peruvian students to study in China and enhancing cultural exchange programs. These efforts, he noted, would help to build stronger ties between the people of both nations and promote a deeper understanding of each other’s cultures and traditions.

In the realm of international affairs, Premier Li Qiang and President Boluarte agreed on the importance of multilateralism and the need to uphold the principles of the United Nations. They discussed ways to collaborate on global issues such as climate change, public health, and economic development, emphasizing the need for collective action to address these challenges.