Deadly suicide attacks rock pakistan, over 50 lives lost

Tragedy struck in Pakistan as two separate suicide attacks claimed over 50 lives and left dozens injured. One blast occurred near a mosque in the Balochistan province, where people had gathered to celebrate the birth of the Prophet Muhammad. The scene was chaotic, with bodies strewn across the area and injured individuals being rescued amidst the devastation. Another blast, near Peshawar City in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, resulted in the death of at least five people.

Local journalist Saifullah, an eyewitness, described the horrifying moment when the bomb went off during the celebratory procession, leading to the loss of his relatives and injuries to many. Survivors like Haibullah and Sarfaraz Ahmed Sasoli shared their harrowing experiences, emphasizing the sudden and devastating impact of the explosions.

The overwhelmed local hospitals urgently appealed for blood donations as the casualties inundated their facilities. Balochistan’s police chief confirmed the Balochistan blast as a suicide attack, revealing that a brave senior police officer lost his life while attempting to thwart the attacker. Pakistan’s Interior Minister condemned the attacks, labeling them as “very heinous acts” and underscoring the nation’s collective outrage against these brutal acts of terror.