Deputy Chairman secures over $2 billion for global transport infrastructure

In a significant achievement, the Deputy Chairman successfully secures a staggering $2 billion for the construction and revitalization of critical global transport corridors. This substantial funding promises to enhance international connectivity and infrastructure.

Kyrgyzstan is on the verge of completing extensive work on the construction and rehabilitation of international transport corridors, as revealed by Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers, Bakyt Torobaev, during the Investors Forum for EU-Central Asia Transport Connectivity in Brussels on January 29.

The Deputy Chairman announced that the Kyrgyz government has successfully obtained more than $2 billion for these critical infrastructure projects. This substantial funding has been instrumental in the construction and rehabilitation of over 2,000 kilometres of roads across the country, marking a significant stride towards bolstering Kyrgyzstan’s connectivity on the global stage.

Torobaev highlighted the broader impact of these infrastructure developments on Kyrgyzstan’s role in international trade. He emphasized that alongside road projects, new airports are under construction, and border crossing checkpoints with neighbouring countries are undergoing modernization. These strategic enhancements are poised to elevate the Kyrgyz Republic’s influence and participation in global trade dynamics.

The ongoing construction and rehabilitation efforts signify a multifaceted approach, encompassing not only road networks but also the modernization of key border crossing checkpoints. This comprehensive strategy aims to streamline international trade processes, facilitating smoother cross-border movements and enhancing the efficiency of trade routes.

Furthermore, the construction of new airports is a testament to Kyrgyzstan’s foresight in anticipating the demands of a growing economy and increasing global connectivity. These airport developments are crucial in accommodating the rising demand for air transport and fostering economic ties with international partners.

As Kyrgyzstan nears the completion of these ambitious projects, the nation stands at the cusp of a transformative period in its infrastructure landscape. The combination of upgraded roads, modernized border checkpoints, and new airports positions Kyrgyzstan as a hub for regional and international trade, creating opportunities for economic development and strengthening diplomatic ties.

Deputy Chairman Bakyt Torobaev’s announcement at the Investors Forum highlights Kyrgyzstan’s significant progress in infrastructure development, with over $2 billion secured for international transport corridors. As the nation nears the completion of these projects, the investment is poised to yield substantial dividends, enhancing Kyrgyzstan’s role in global trade and connectivity.