Discovering the Fascinating Ferns of Brunei: A Collaborative Project by UBD and BruWILD

In a harmonious partnership between Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) and the local Non-Government Organization (NGO) known as the Biodiversity and Natural History Society, BruWILD, an enchanting exploration of Brunei Darussalam’s distinctive fern species has borne fruit. This collaborative effort has unveiled not just a book but also an illuminating poster that celebrates the botanical wonders of this Southeast Asian nation.

At a ceremony held at Simpur Cafe, UBD, Dr. Hazri Haji Kifle, the Vice Chancellor of UBD, proudly unveiled the “Ferntastic Brunei” book and the poster titled “Ferns of Brunei Darussalam.” These offerings serve as windows into the diverse and remarkable world of fern collections nestled within the lush landscapes of Brunei Darussalam.

Through meticulous research and dedication, this project offers an exclusive glimpse into the extraordinary ferns that call Brunei Darussalam home. It’s a tribute to the captivating biodiversity that thrives within the heart of this tropical haven, brought to life through the collaborative spirit of academia and environmental advocacy.