Fatal explosion in Ulaanbaatar: 6 lives lost, dozens injured, and extensive property damage

In a harrowing incident, Ulaanbaatar experiences a somber symphony as a powerful explosion takes a toll, claiming six lives in its devastating crescendo, leaving the city in shock and mourning.

On the eve of January 24, Ulaanbaatar’s Bayanzurkh district witnessed a cataclysmic explosion, the epicentre of which was a 60-ton LPG truck. The aftermath of this tragic incident has left the city in shock and mourning, with the effects of the blast reverberating throughout the community.

The incident occurred around 1 a.m. on January 24 on a highway in a residential area near the bustling Narantuul and Dunzhingarav markets. According to preliminary reports, the massive LPG truck collided with another vehicle, resulting in a massive explosion that echoed through the quiet night.

The aftermath consumed not only the ill-fated vehicles, but also a nearby residential building, the Global School office building, and the MG showroom. A towering pillar of fire and smoke rose tens of meters above the scene.

Despite the rapid response of firefighters, the blaze claimed six lives, including the tragic loss of three firefighters who fought valiantly to control the inferno. Furthermore, 14 people were injured in the incident, highlighting the gravity of the disaster. Eyewitnesses reported feeling the blast wave reverberating hundreds of meters away from the epicentre, demonstrating the sheer force unleashed by the explosion.

The property damage was equally devastating, with more than 30 cars reduced to charred remnants in the aftermath of the explosion. The gravity of the situation prompted authorities to advise residents of nearby buildings to evacuate, highlighting the potential risks that remain in the aftermath of the disaster.

The aftermath has left the community grappling not only with the loss of lives and injuries but also with the extensive damage caused to property and infrastructure.