Finland extends border shutdown with Russia amidst continued ‘hybrid operation’ concerns

Due to worries about Moscow’s “hybrid operation” and the impending refugee inflow, Finland decides to prolong its 832-mile border restriction with Russia for an additional two months, underscoring the continuous threat to national security.

Finland has announced a two-month extension of its 832-mile border shutdown with Russia in an effort to protect public order and national security. The move, which takes effect on April 14, is a reaction to what the Finnish government refers to as Moscow’s “hybrid operation” that involves the planned inflow of refugees into Finland.

The administration emphasises that there is no sign of a shift in Russia’s actions and stresses the ongoing threat posed by “instrumentalized migration” from that country. Speaking out, Interior Minister Mari Rantanen said, “We have reason to believe that this situation will continue for some time.”

The border was first closed in late 2017 in response to the entry of some 1,300 migrants who did not have valid visas or papers. Since most of these people applied for asylum in Finland, the country’s authorities acted swiftly.

In response, Rantanen stated, “Russia is continuing its hybrid operation,” adding that new intelligence supports the view indicating the threat is still present. The shutdown is intended to preserve Finland’s national security while reducing the threats brought on by the migrant inflow.

The Kremlin has frequently apologised for the closing of the Finnish border and denied any role in planning the migratory wave. As Finland takes action to defend its borders and Russia continues to maintain its position of not being involved in the alleged “hybrid operation,” tensions between the two countries have increased.