Independent Russian vote monitor calls Russian elections the most corrupt in history

Golos, a Russian election monitoring organization, alleges widespread fraud and corruption in the recent presidential election, claiming violations of the Russian Constitution and instances of illegal interference and intimidation at polling sites.

A non-governmental Russian organization, Golos, that independently monitors elections stated on Monday that the recent presidential election, in which Vladimir Putin won by a wide margin receiving nearly 90% of the votes cast, was the most fraudulent and corrupt in Russia’s entire history.


They stated that the election results could not be considered legitimate because the campaign did not follow the Russian Constitution, which guarantees political rights and freedoms. Golos claims this was the worst presidential election campaign ever in terms of failing to meet constitutional standards. According to Russian media reports, the final vote count showed Vladimir Putin winning with 87.28% of the votes on a record-high voter turnout of 77.4%.

Golos stated that in some regions, election observers were withdrawn after voting had already started, while in other regions observers were not allowed in at all. The group claims that representatives from candidates and parties privately admitted this was done due to pressure put on them.

In one case in the Moscow region, Golos claims an officer grabbed a completed ballot directly out of a voter’s hand to check who they had voted for.

At another polling place in Moscow, Golos says officers demanded that an election official open up a sealed ballot box and hand over one of the ballots from inside.

Essentially, Golos is alleging illegal interference and intimidation tactics by law enforcement at various polling sites during the election.

These specific incidents reported by Golos have not been independently verified by other sources.