Indian coast guard’s Vikram-Class vessel rescues stranded boat and thwarts drone attack on commerce ship

The Indian Coast Guard’s Vikram-class offshore patrol vessel proved its mettle by saving a stranded boat and preventing a drone attack on a commercial vessel headed towards India, thereby exhibiting its commitment to maritime safety.

By successfully rescuing a stranded boat and guaranteeing the safe return of an India-bound commerce vessel under assault by a drone, the Indian Coast Guard’s Vikram-class offshore patrol vessel has once again proven its capabilities.

A stranded boat was securely pulled to safety and turned over to the Indian Coast Guard Ship (ICGS) Minicoy following the latest rescue mission, which occurred 280 nautical miles west of Minicoy Island, according to officials. To secure the safety of everyone on board, the Indian Coast Guard and the Fisheries Department worked together to shelter the boat at Minicoy Harbour.

The Vikram-class ship has previously demonstrated its ability to effectively protect maritime interests. When a drone attacked a merchant vessel headed for India in December 2023, the Coast Guard’s Vikram participated in yet another risky rescue operation. In the Arabian Sea, the vessel was securely navigated to its original beaches, highlighting the Coast Guard’s dedication to maintaining the safety of maritime commerce routes.

The Indian Coast Guard is building seven Vikram-class offshore patrol vessels at the Kattupalli shipyard, which is a tribute to the country’s nautical prowess. L&T Shipbuilding is undertaking this construction. Due to the latest technology and contemporary gear, these long-range surface vessels are capable of conducting accurate and efficient offshore and coastal patrols.

Inaugurated in Chennai on August 28, 2021, by Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, the Indian Coast Guard Ship Vigraha is the newest vessel in the Vikram-class fleet. India’s dedication to improving its marine security system is exemplified by the seventh ship in the series, the Vigraha.