Iran thwarts 30 simultaneous explosions planned for Tehran

Iran has successfully prevented 30 planned explosions in the capital city, Tehran, which were intended to create widespread chaos. These “terrorist explosions” were devised to occur in densely populated urban areas but were all averted. Additionally, 28 individuals were apprehended in connection with the foiled attacks during security operations in Tehran, Alborz, and West Azerbaijan provinces.

The Ministry of Intelligence issued a statement, reported by state media, outlining the objectives behind these thwarted plots. The planned explosions aimed to undermine the country’s security, disrupt public order, create an unstable perception of the nation, instill fear and despair within society, and provoke chaos and protests, coinciding with the anniversary of the previous year’s unrest.

The reference made in the statement alluded to the extensive protests and turmoil that engulfed Iran in mid-September 2022. These disturbances began following the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini in police custody after her arrest on charges of non-compliance with Iran’s dress code.