Iranian families harassed on anniversary of brutal crackdown

On the first anniversary of one of Iran’s deadliest days marked by nationwide protests following the death of Mahsa Amini in police custody, the Iranian government has launched a campaign of systematic harassment against the families of the victims of state repression.

Fatemeh Heydari, sister of Javad Heydari, a protester killed by government forces, has shared audio clips, pictures, and videos, shedding light on the terror campaign faced by grieving families affected by the crackdown on dissent.

In recent weeks, the pressure on these families has escalated significantly as the anniversaries of other victims’ deaths draw near. Security forces have gone to great lengths to dissuade families from commemorating their loved ones at their graves, resulting in numerous arrests of family members. Among those detained are Mahsa’s uncle, Safa Aeli, and the father, mother, sister, and fiancé of Hananeh Kia, a 23-year-old woman fatally shot on her way home from a dentist’s appointment on September 21, 2022.