Islamabad alleges India’s involvement in covert killings within Pakistan’s borders

In a tense diplomatic exchange, Islamabad asserts that India is culpable for clandestinely orchestrating recent killings within Pakistan. The accusations heighten concerns over regional security and strain relations between the two neighboring nations.

Islamabad has escalated its allegations against India, accusing it of orchestrating killings on Pakistani soil. This claim comes amid rising tensions following tit-for-tat strikes between Pakistan and Iran against alleged militant hideouts. New Delhi responds by alleging that Islamabad trains and shelters Islamist militants involved in attacks in the disputed Kashmir region.

Muhammad Syrus Qazi, the secretary, addressed reporters, unveiling what he described as a “sophisticated international set-up” behind the killings. Qazi asserted that Pakistan possesses documentary, financial, and forensic evidence implicating two Indian agents, Yogesh Kumar and Ashok Kumar, as masterminds behind the assassinations. The alleged Indian operatives, according to Qazi, orchestrated the killings through local operators in Sialkot and Rawalakot in the Pakistan-held part of Kashmir.

The trials of hired gunmen and accomplices involved in the two crimes are underway, further heightening the gravity of the accusations. Qazi emphasized that other countries where the Indian agents allegedly operated have been notified. The victims, Shahid Latif and Mohammad Riaz were identified by the foreign secretary, although their affiliations and the motives behind India’s alleged involvement remain undisclosed.

India swiftly dismissed the accusations, labelling them as part of Pakistan’s “false and malicious anti-India propaganda.” Qazi, however, contends that the method of assassination mirrors attempts in Canada, the United States, and other countries. He characterizes the purported Indian network of “extra-judicial and extra-territorial killings” as a global phenomenon.

Notably, Pakistan’s allegations echo similar claims made by Canada and the United States, accusing Indian agents of being linked to assassination attempts on their soil. India has vehemently rejected Ottawa’s allegations and initiated an investigation into the U.S. accusations.