Israel responds to an explosion near embassy in New Delhi

In response to an explosion near the Israeli embassy in New Delhi, Israel has taken further precautionary measures to safeguard its citizens in India.

In a concerning incident on Tuesday evening on the 26th of December, a blast occurred near the Israeli embassy in New Delhi. All embassy staff emerged unharmed following the explosion, as confirmed by Israeli embassy spokesperson Guy Nir. The blast took place at approximately 5:20 pm local time, prompting swift responses from local police and security teams who are actively investigating the incident to ascertain its cause.

In response to this low-intensity explosion near the Israeli embassy in Delhi, Israel has taken further precautionary measures to safeguard its citizens in India. The blast, which occurred in the diplomatic enclave of Chanakyapuri, prompted an immediate upgrade in the travel advisory. Although no injuries were reported, police found shrapnel at the site, initiating a thorough investigation of the incident.

Expressing concern over the possibility of the incident being an “attack,” Israel is advising its citizens, especially those in Delhi, to exercise caution. The National Security Headquarters (NSH) issued a public message urging the avoidance of crowded places such as malls and markets. They also advised them against participation in large-scale events. In addition to these precautions, Israelis have been cautioned against displaying “Israeli symbols” in public and sharing trip details or photos on social media platforms.

This heightened alert follows a broader warning earlier in the month from the NSH, encouraging Israelis to reconsider international travel. The advisory specifically emphasized the need to avoid outward displays of Jewish identity due to the ongoing conflict in Gaza. The conflict that was initiated on October 7, has seen deadly attacks by Hamas on Israeli communities, resulting in a significant loss of life on both sides. Thus the situation has led to increased vigilance for Israeli citizens abroad.

This incident also brings back flashbacks of a similar occurrence in January 2021 when a small bomb detonated near the Israeli embassy in New Delhi.  The reoccurrence of such events near the embassy raises heightened concerns about security in the region.

To address security concerns, Indian authorities have tightened security measures around the Israeli embassy and other related establishments. This move aims to ensure the safety and well-being of diplomatic personnel and Israeli nationals residing in India. The ongoing efforts to improve security measures underscore the collaborative commitment to preventing and mitigating potential threats against diplomatic missions.