Israeli UN Ambassador Slams Soros For Donations To ‘Pro-Hamas Groups’ Targeting Israel’s Destruction

Israeli Ambassador Gilad Erdan criticized George Soros for allegedly channeling $15 million to NGOs supporting Hamas, condemning the funding as contributing to Israel’s destruction.

Israeli Ambassador Gilad Erdan criticized billionaire George Soros for allegedly funnelling over $15 million into a network of NGOs that are accused of supporting Hamas, a militant group. Erdan condemned Soros’ donations, stating that they contribute to efforts seeking the destruction of Israel as a Jewish state.

The ambassador made these remarks in response to Hamas launching an invasion into southern Israel on October 7, resulting in casualties and hostages, including over 30 Americans.

The Israeli ambassador claimed that George Soros has reportedly transferred billions of dollars to organizations supporting the BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions) campaign, which has sought to isolate Israel for an extended period. According to the ambassador, these organizations have not been genuinely committed to achieving peace or resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It’s noteworthy that the German and Austrian parliaments have designated BDS as an antisemitic movement.

The U.S. and the European Union have officially designated Hamas as a foreign terrorist organization. According to a recent report from the New York Post, George Soros has allegedly funnelled over $15 million to groups that are considered anti-Israel and are seen as supporting Hamas’ agenda.

In a film titled “Cultures of Resistance,” Robert Malley acknowledged engaging with Hamas, stating that while there may be disagreements, he views them as having their rationality and not being considered extremists. Additionally, The New York Post reported last month that Soros has reportedly directed over $15 million to groups perceived as anti-Israel and aligned with Hamas’ objectives.

The Open Society Foundation (OSF) reportedly donated $13.7 million to the California-based Tides Center. Some recipients of Tides Center funds are nonprofits that are said to advocate for the elimination of the Jewish state. Tides Center supports the Adalah Justice Project in Illinois, which, on the day of Hamas’ violent actions, posted a photo on Instagram depicting a bulldozer demolishing Israel’s security fence with a caption criticizing Israel’s actions in the context of an open-air prison.

OSF, led by George Soros, has contributed at least $650,000 to JVP since 2017. Additionally, the report from Fox News suggests that OSF supports obscure Jewish NGOs aiming to leverage their Jewish identity to promote criticism of Israel and potentially support terrorism as a socially and politically acceptable campaign. Alex Soros, George Soros’s son, has assumed control of his father’s $25 billion fortune.