Japan’s Princess Kako embarks on diplomatic visit to Greece to mark 125 years of bilateral relations

Princess Kako’s diplomatic journey to Greece celebrates 125 years of bilateral relations. Her itinerary includes diplomatic meetings with President Sakellaropoulou, visits to cultural landmarks like the Parthenon, and engagements with marginalized communities, showcasing Japan’s commitment to global diplomacy and cultural exchange.

Princess Kako of Japan, niece of Emperor Naruhito, embarked on a significant diplomatic journey to Greece on Saturday, commemorating 125 years of diplomatic ties between the two nations. This marks her third official overseas visit, showcasing Japan’s commitment to fostering international relations.

The princess’s departure from Tokyo signifies a symbolic gesture of solidarity and friendship between Japan and Greece. Her previous official visits to Austria, Hungary, and Peru underscore her role as a prominent cultural ambassador for Japan on the global stage.

During her visit, Princess Kako will immerse herself in the rich cultural tapestry of Greece, coinciding with the “Year of Culture and Tourism Between Japan and Greece.” In the vibrant city of Athens, she is slated to engage in diplomatic exchanges, including a courtesy call to President Katerina Sakellaropoulou, further strengthening bilateral ties between the two nations.

A highlight of Princess Kako’s itinerary includes a visit to the iconic Parthenon, nestled within the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Acropolis of Athens. This symbolic gesture not only underscores the princess’s appreciation for Greece’s cultural heritage but also serves as a testament to the enduring bond between the two nations.

Beyond diplomatic engagements, Princess Kako will extend her compassion by visiting a facility for the hearing-impaired and an orphanage, reflecting Japan’s commitment to promoting inclusivity and social welfare on the global stage.

The Imperial Household Agency has meticulously planned the princess’s itinerary, ensuring a harmonious blend of diplomatic protocol and cultural immersion. Princess Kako’s diplomatic voyage serves as a beacon of hope and solidarity, fostering mutual understanding and cooperation between Japan and Greece in the years to come.