Jeju Airport flights cancelled Sunday amid strong wind and rain

Jeju International Airport officials reported 40 flight cancellations, with 20 arrivals and departures affected due to adverse weather conditions.

Officials from Jeju International Airport stated that forty flights, including twenty arrivals and twenty departures, had been cancelled on the southern resort island of Jeju due to adverse weather conditions as of noon on Sunday. They mentioned that strong wind warnings have been issued for the island, with an advisory for wind shear also in effect at the airport.

The Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA) advised air passengers to check their flight schedules in advance, as the officials stated the bad weather is expected to affect Jeju Island until Tuesday morning.

Officials from Jeju International Airport informed us that most of the cancelled flights were scheduled to depart or arrive after 3:00 p.m. They stated that the cancellations were due to the harsh weather conditions at both Jeju International Airport and Gimhae International Airport. Strong wind warnings had been issued across the island, and the airport was currently placed under a wind shear advisory.

The Korea Meteorological Administration warned that strong winds and wind shear are expected to continue until dawn on Tuesday, possibly disrupting the airport’s operations. They advised passengers to check their flight information in advance for any possible disruptions caused by the weather conditions.