Kazakhstan triumphant: Cheers to EuroParl, Tokayev in Italy, and Oil transfers to Germany

In a dazzling global spotlight, Kazakhstan garners applause from EuroParl, President Tokayev’s diplomatic triumph in Italy, and a lucrative stream of oil finds its way to Germany’s shores.

Kazakhstan, a country located in central Asia, has gained international recognition recently for its strategic oil exports, economic partnerships, and diplomatic efforts. This in-depth analysis covers several recent events, such as resolutions passed by the European Parliament, President Tokayev’s diplomatic triumph in Italy, insights from U.S. policy talks regarding Central Asia, and the significant oil supply that Kazakhstan TransOil provides to Germany.

An opinion piece by Kazakh political analyst Aidos Sarym analyzing the recently passed European Parliament resolution on Central Asia was published on January 18 by Brussels-based Euractiv. Sarym stressed that the purpose of this resolution is to represent the European Parliament’s evaluation of how the new EU Strategy for Central Asia is being implemented. Notably, the resolution’s drafting tone differed from previous years’ resolutions of a similar nature because the legislators relied on perspectives from official representatives and the Central Asian civil sector.

Sarym emphasized that by recognizing Central Asia as a region that has effectively established its regional identity, the resolution is revolutionary. It acknowledges the region’s distinct perspectives on current regional and global issues as well as its shared regional advantages in business, trade, investment, and innovation. With this acknowledgement, Central Asia is positioned as a cohesive and dynamic force on the international scene.

The report highlights the unrealized potential in important industries like oil and gas by detailing the agreements made during the investment roundtable between Italy and Kazakhstan. The strong friendship and unrealized potential between the two nations were praised by Minister of Foreign Affairs Antonio Tajani, who also highlighted the opportunities for cooperation outside the energy industry.

Similar remarks were made on January 18 by Agenzia Nova, another Italian news agency, which highlighted President Tokayev’s visit to Italy as a critical step in enhancing collaboration between Italy and Central Asia. This visit demonstrates the strengthening ties between the two countries as it is the first since Tokayev took office as president in 2019.

Beyond being a significant oil consumer, Italian researcher Fabrizio Vielmini highlighted the unique significance Italy holds for Kazakhstan. Vielmini noted that Italy, which is situated in the middle of the Mediterranean, functions as a hybrid within the European continent, much as Kazakhstan does as a link between various cultures in Central Asia. The potential for collaboration between the two countries is enhanced by this synergy in cultural and geographical roles.

The main objective of American policy in the area, according to U.S. Ambassador to Kazakhstan Daniel Rosenblum, is to guarantee the complete sovereignty and independence of Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan. The ambassador stressed how critical it is that these nations make independent decisions about trade, alliances, and international relations free from outside interference.

Regarding the economy, on January 16, Caspian News revealed that KazakhstanTransOil, a major participant in the country’s energy industry, provided Germany with almost a million tons of oil in 2023. This accomplishment is consistent with Kazakhstan’s efforts to broaden its oil export channels since the oil travels via the vast Druzhba pipeline via Poland, Belarus, and Russia before arriving in Germany.

According to the report, between January and December 2023, 993,000 tons of Kazakh oil were transported to Germany with the assistance of KazTransOil. The company intends to transport up to 1.2 million tons in 2024 and an additional 100,000 tons in January to maintain this momentum. This calculated action benefits Kazakhstan’s overall interests in addition to bolstering economic relations with Germany.

Strengthened international ties, strategic economic initiatives, and diplomatic recognition have all contributed to Kazakhstan’s rise to prominence on the international scene in recent years. Highlights of Kazakhstan’s global engagement include the European Parliament’s positive assessment, President Tokayev’s triumphant visit to Italy, insights into U.S. policy in Central Asia, and the country’s strategic oil exports to Germany. Its importance as a major player in the centre of Central Asia is becoming more and more clear as the country continues to negotiate the complexities of international relations.