Kim Jong-un highlights economic revival at key North Korean party meeting

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un reported a significant economic upturn during a key party meeting, emphasizing progress in various sectors. The announcement reflects North Korea’s focus on strengthening its domestic economy despite ongoing international sanctions.

In a recent address at a crucial party meeting, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un declared that the country’s economic situation has shown a marked improvement. Kim’s statement, made during the Central Committee’s plenary session of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK), highlighted significant progress in several key sectors and underscored the regime’s determination to bolster its economy despite the challenges posed by international sanctions and isolation.

Kim Jong-un’s announcement comes amid ongoing efforts by North Korea to enhance its economic resilience and self-reliance. He emphasized that the nation has made considerable strides in agricultural production, industrial output, and infrastructure development. These improvements, he noted, are part of a broader strategy to achieve economic growth and improve the livelihoods of the North Korean people.

According to Kim, agricultural production has seen a notable increase, contributing to improved food security and reduced dependency on imports. The leader highlighted the successful implementation of new farming techniques and the expansion of arable land as key factors behind this agricultural upturn. The increase in food production is a crucial development for North Korea, which has faced chronic food shortages exacerbated by natural disasters and international sanctions.

In the industrial sector, Kim reported substantial advancements in manufacturing and heavy industries. He praised the efforts of workers and engineers in enhancing production capabilities and introducing technological innovations. The development of new industrial projects, including machinery and chemical plants, has bolstered North Korea’s industrial base and contributed to its economic revival. Kim also mentioned the successful completion of several major infrastructure projects, such as roads, bridges, and housing developments, which are essential for supporting economic growth and improving living standards.

Despite these positive developments, Kim acknowledged the ongoing challenges facing the North Korean economy, including the impact of international sanctions and the global economic downturn. He stressed the importance of continuing to pursue a path of self-reliance and innovation to overcome these obstacles. Kim called for increased efforts to develop domestic technologies and reduce dependence on foreign resources, reinforcing the regime’s commitment to an independent economic strategy.

The party meeting also addressed the need for continued vigilance in maintaining national security and stability. Kim reiterated the importance of strengthening the country’s defence capabilities to protect against external threats and ensure the sovereignty of North Korea.