Kim Jong-un praises ‘invincible’ alliance with Russia as Putin’s visit looms

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has hailed the country’s relationship with Russia as “invincible,” highlighting deepening ties amid discussions of a potential visit by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has lauded the country’s relationship with Russia as “invincible” amid reports of an impending visit by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

During a meeting with a visiting Russian delegation, Kim emphasised the robust and enduring nature of North Korea’s ties with Russia. “The relationship between our two nations is invincible and serves as a bulwark against external pressures,” Kim declared. He noted that the partnership is based on mutual respect and a shared commitment to sovereignty and regional stability.

The discussions come at a time when North Korea and Russia are both grappling with extensive international sanctions and diplomatic isolation. For North Korea, deepening ties with Russia represents a crucial strategic move to counterbalance the influence of the United States and its allies in East Asia. The relationship provides North Korea with a significant ally that can offer economic support, military cooperation, and a degree of geopolitical clout.

Reports indicate that talks are underway for a potential visit by Russian President Vladimir Putin to North Korea, which would be his first since 2019. Such a visit would signal a strengthening of diplomatic and military cooperation between the two nations. Analysts suggest that Putin’s visit could involve discussions on a range of issues, including economic assistance, military technology transfers, and coordination on international policy positions.

North Korea has been actively seeking to bolster its international alliances as it navigates the challenges posed by its nuclear ambitions and the consequent sanctions imposed by the United Nations. The support from Russia is seen as pivotal in providing North Korea with a buffer against international criticism and economic hardship. In return, North Korea offers Russia a strategic partner in a region where the U.S. maintains a significant military presence.

Russia, facing its challenges due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and resultant sanctions, sees value in aligning more closely with North Korea. This relationship allows Moscow to project its influence in East Asia and build a coalition of states that oppose Western hegemony. The alignment with North Korea also provides Russia with potential leverage in its broader geopolitical manoeuvrings, particularly about China and the United States.

The prospect of Putin’s visit has raised concerns among Western countries, who view the strengthening ties between North Korea and Russia as a potential destabilizing factor in an already volatile region.