Kremlin disputes Mariupol death toll amid Human Rights watch report

The Kremlin denied providing any proof when claiming that Ukrainian military had used people as shields in response to a Human Rights Watch report on killings in Mariupol. The report emphasises how vital it is to conduct unbiased inquiries.

In response to a Human Rights Watch assessment of the deaths in Mariupol, the Kremlin said it had not yet had a chance to look at the report. The report states that during Russia’s months-long occupation of the city in southeast Ukraine, at least 8,000 people died as a result of combat or war-related conditions.

The Human Rights Watch report states that the death toll in Mariupol is startlingly high, which raises questions about how the conflict is affecting civilians. In response to the allegations, Dmitry Peskov, the spokeswoman for the Kremlin, charged that Ukrainian soldiers were using Mariupol civilians as human shields and even claimed that they had been shot in the back.

Notably, Peskov did not offer concrete proof to back up these statements, which raised doubts about their veracity. As Kyiv has continuously denied employing civilians to serve as shields during the conflict, the accusation is not new.

With Mariupol serving as a hub for the violence, the Human Rights Watch report highlights the terrible effects of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. The group emphasises the critical necessity for a comprehensive and unbiased inquiry into the claimed violations of civilian rights and human rights abuses.