Kuwait achieves historic diesel export to European markets

The Kuwait Integrated Petroleum Industries Company (KIPIC) has accomplished a historic milestone by successfully exporting over 100,000 tons (equivalent to 780,000 barrels) of advanced low-sulfur diesel to European markets. This achievement aligns with the latest international environmental standards and specifications.

The transportation of this significant shipment was made possible through the collaboration of the Al-Zour Refinery Directorate and the Global Marketing Sector at the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, facilitated by the tanker “Stay Sunset.”

Abdullah Al-Ajmi, the official spokesperson for KIPIC, emphasized the importance of this achievement for Kuwait, marking its largest diesel export to Europe. It signifies substantial progress in providing global markets with superior petroleum products, solidifying Kuwait’s reputation as a prominent and reliable energy supplier worldwide.

Al-Ajmi revealed that the shipment departed from Kuwait on September 22, 2023, overcoming various operational challenges and obstacles. He praised the dedication and hard work of the teams at Al-Zour Refinery, highlighting their role in ensuring the safe and efficient execution of the project.

He further stated, “The export of this high-quality diesel shipment, meeting the latest international specifications and standards, represents a remarkable leap in the history of Al-Zour Refinery. It is an unparalleled achievement attained amidst challenging operational circumstances and within a remarkably short period, underscoring the tremendous efforts invested by all Al-Zour Refinery employees. These efforts align with the strategic plans of the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, aiming to maintain its distinguished leadership position in the global energy markets.”