Kuwait grapples with soaring waste accumulation despite cleaning company presence

Despite the ubiquitous yellow-marked cleaning companies operating across Kuwait’s streets, the reality on the ground reveals a growing waste accumulation predicament within residential areas, reports Al-Rai Daily.

Observers of street cleanliness have noted the insufficient number of small containers, unable to handle the daily surge of waste, leading to overflow and posing an imminent environmental pollution threat.

This hazard is exacerbated by the unsanitary conditions of these containers, compounded by the presence of stray animals and an increasing insect population in many Kuwaiti neighborhoods.

In-depth investigations by Al-Rai uncovered neglect affecting the majority of containers in all areas, without exception.

Furthermore, investigations involving various stakeholders and concerned individuals have confirmed that Kuwait is facing a significant increase in waste volume, estimated at 6,000 tons daily. There has also been a notable rise in the average waste generation per capita, reaching 1.5 kilograms per day, one of the highest rates globally.

To address this issue, residential areas urgently require an increase in the number, size, and strategic placement of garbage containers to accommodate the mounting waste.

Stakeholders emphasize the need for the municipality to strengthen its supervisory role over cleaning companies, hold violators accountable, and pioneer innovative strategies to combat environmental pollution in residential and investment zones. They also suggest considering proposals for subterranean waste disposal.