Kyrgyzstan consul urges Russia to address migrant workers’ rights violations

Kyrgyz Consul calls on Russia to investigate and hold accountable law enforcement officers involved in human rights violations against migrant workers. Advocates for justice in safeguarding the rights of vulnerable individuals.

Consul Gulnura Narmatova and Deputy Head of the Representative Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, A. Ivanov, convened on January 25 at the behest of the Consulate General of Kyrgyzstan. The meeting addressed the recent incident on January 17 when Russian law enforcement conducted a raid at a Yekaterinburg construction site, compelling migrant workers, including Kyrgyz citizens, to march in single file.

Expressing deep concern, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs highlighted the Consul’s firm stance against such practices, deeming them unacceptable regardless of the individual’s origin or citizenship. The Consul urged the Russian office to facilitate an inquiry by the supervisory authority of the Sverdlovsk region into the legality of these degrading methods. Moreover, she requested accountability for those violating the human rights and dignity of Kyrgyz citizens engaged in legal labour.

In response, A. Ivanov assured that the Russian side is diligently examining the matter, promising an official response to the Consulate General soon.

The incident in Yekaterinburg has sparked international concern, shedding light on the challenges faced by migrant workers and the imperative need for safeguarding their rights. Under Consul Gulnura Narmatova’s leadership, the Consulate General of Kyrgyzstan has taken a proactive stance in advocating for the rights and dignity of Kyrgyz citizens working abroad.

In her statement during the meeting, Consul Narmatova emphasized the universal inadmissibility of subjecting any citizen to degrading methods. She underscored the importance of upholding human rights, irrespective of nationality, and called for a thorough investigation into the incident.

The call for accountability resonates not only within diplomatic circles but also among human rights advocates, prompting a broader dialogue on the treatment of migrant workers in host countries. The Consulate General’s initiative to involve the supervisory authority of the Sverdlovsk region reflects a commitment to pursuing justice and ensuring the legality of actions that impact the dignity of labour migrants.