Kyrgyzstan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs launches ‘Kades’ app to aid domestic violence victims

The Ministry of Internal Affairs in Kyrgyzstan is forging ahead with the development of a groundbreaking mobile application known as “Kades,” designed to provide essential support to women facing domestic violence. This innovative and invaluable tool will be made available to users free of charge, with its primary objective being to offer prompt assistance to individuals in distress.

Upon downloading the “Kades” application, users will be prompted to input some basic information about themselves, including their full name and current geolocation. A crucial element of the user experience involves a verification process where an SMS containing a unique code is dispatched to the user’s mobile phone.

One of the app’s standout features is its versatility in addressing a spectrum of issues beyond physical violence, extending its reach to encompass cases of sexual assault, harassment, and stalking. In times of distress, users can readily access the application and, with a mere tap of a button on their screen, transmit their location information directly to the police operator. This swift action ensures that the nearest police patrol is promptly dispatched to the scene, providing the much-needed assistance and protection that victims of domestic violence urgently require.