Legislative Chamber’s Proposal: 100,000 votes required for parliament consideration

The Legislative Chamber has put forth a legislative proposal that sets a significant threshold for parliamentary consideration, requiring at least 100,000 votes to bring a matter before the esteemed assembly. Committees within the Legislative Chamber have also been granted the authority to initiate discussions featuring government officials and heads of government bodies.

During a recent session of the Legislative Chamber Committee on Anti-Corruption and Judicial and Legal Affairs, the committee examined a bill titled “On amendments and additions to certain legislative acts,” originally drafted by a group of deputies.

This proposed legislation aims to align existing laws governing parliamentary activities and legislation with the revised constitution. The bill encompasses modifications and supplements to 13 laws and 1 code.

One notable provision in the bill stipulates that citizens, numbering at least 100,000, along with the Senate, the Ombudsman, and the Central Election Commission, hold the prerogative to present proposals to the Legislative Chamber. This inclusion serves to broaden citizen participation in the realm of public governance.

Moreover, the bill outlines specific responsibilities for faction leaders within the legislative assembly. Furthermore, it introduces the concept of a joint special commission, composed of equal representation from both deputies and Senate members, to conduct parliamentary investigations.

Additionally, the bill empowers Legislative Chamber committees to independently convene sessions for government officials to deliver reports and for heads of government bodies to provide information.

Following a thorough discussion, the committee members resolved to subject the bill to a comprehensive public discourse and examination, ensuring alignment with universally accepted principles and international legal norms. Conceptually, the decision to present the bill for consideration at a parliamentary meeting has been approved.