Man faces jail and deportation after making inappropriate advances towards minor on flight to Bahrain

A man found himself in legal jeopardy following inappropriate advances towards a young girl during a flight to Bahrain from another Gulf nation.

The incident transpired when an Asian man, whose identity remains undisclosed, allegedly shared his phone number with a message expressing his desire to communicate with the young girl. Passengers and cabin crew became immediately concerned.

Upon landing in Bahrain, the situation escalated as the victim’s mother, alarmed by the man’s actions, promptly reported the incident to authorities. Her accusations triggered swift legal action against the accused.

Bahrain’s Cassation Court, in a final verdict, upheld the lower criminal court’s decision. The defendant received a one-month prison sentence and now faces permanent deportation from the country.

The charges against the accused include committing an act that violated the girl’s modesty in a public place on August 10, 2022, as well as engaging in moral corruption. These charges underscore the gravity of the incident and its associated legal ramifications.

The victim and her mother were returning from their journey when they noticed the accused repeatedly stealing glances and appearing poised to initiate a conversation. Troubled by this unsettling behavior, the girl promptly alerted her mother, who then took the necessary legal steps.